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Air Quality Solutions donates 5% of each sale to the Earthwatch Institute, which is an international environmental and educational nonprofit organization. 

Our Mission: Earthwatch connects people with scientists worldwide to conduct environmental research and empowers them with the knowledge they need to conserve the planet.

About Earthwatch: Since its founding in 1971, Earthwatch has been taking action to address global change through a time-tested model of citizen science and community engagement. By pairing citizen science volunteers from all sectors of society with researchers around the world, Earthwatch teams have helped to safeguard critical habitats, conserve biodiversity, and promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

Partnerships for a Sustainable Planet: Earthwatch works with a wide variety of partners, including corporations, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions to deliver science-based programs that demonstrate a deep connection between the environment, sustainability, and business practices. These programs enable our partners to identify their impacts on the natural world, and to take actions to implement sustainable policies, processes, and practices that promote environmental responsibility both in and out of the workplace.

Earthwatch and Air Quality Solutions: We are thrilled to be partnering with Air Quality Solutions in support of Earthwatch’s Operation Healthy Air initiative and other programs that aim to improve access to healthy air for all. Air pollution is one of the most serious environmental threats to humans—it impacts our health and wellbeing, impedes student learning, decreases productivity, and results in business disruptions. Enhanced air quality, on the other hand, supports sustainable cities and helps sustain economic growth. Actions that improve air quality can also help to reduce carbon emissions, which supports global efforts to combat the climate crisis.

Earthwatch’s Operation Healthy Air empowers people to mitigate their exposure to air pollution while taking action to improve air quality at a local level. Our educational curriculum increases participants’ understanding of what local air quality means for individuals, as well as for the communities most heavily impacted by poor air quality. Our expert scientists and environmental educators bring this invisible challenge into sharp focus for participants.  

For more information about Earthwatch Operation Healthy Air program visit Air Quality | Earthwatch or contact us at  

Image by Johannes Plenio
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