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Air Pollution in London Schools was Halved Using Simple Techniques

With funding from Impact on Urban Health, research by the architectural firm Arup, Global Action Plan, and the University of Surrey demonstrated how easy steps can cut exposure to pollutants indoors and outdoors by almost half.

Air pollution in London schools was halved using simple techniques

The Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE) in Surrey looked into whether installing air purifiers in classrooms, putting up a green screen along each school's perimeter fence, and organising School Street projects would enhance air quality while working with numerous Lambeth schools.

According to research, green screens installed at school boundaries can, depending on wind conditions, lower outdoor particle levels originating from roads by up to 44% while air purifiers can reduce indoor pollution concentrations by 57%.

These School Street prjects, which inhibit cars from driving through schools during pick-up and drop-off times, have reduced particle concentration by up tp 36%.

The World Health Organization's air quality standards are currently being violated by all London schools, putting kids at risk of respiratory illnesses, poor lung and brain health, behavioural issues, and cancer.

The London Schools Pollution Helpdesk was established by the Mayor of London to provide schools with free teaching materials, campaign direction, and action plans as they work to address air quality.

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