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NAO Reports that the UK is Not on Schedule to Cut Air Pollution

The current implemented measures are not enough to meet the governments air quality targets by 2030, the National Audit Office reports. They also say that the government is not communicating to the public about the air quality issues in their areas and how it if affecting their health.

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Additionally, the clean air zones that are being used across the country are not being used correctly. Clean air zones are areas, usually in city centres, where the most polluting vehicles are charged for driving. These zones have the potential to have a positive impact on air quality, if used correctly.

The UK has also been breaching the legal limits of nitrogen dioxide since 2010. It is also reported that the legal limits of particulate matter, PM2.5, will be changed this autumn. However, implementing measures to reduce air pollution is taking longer than expected. It is also estimated that particulate matter pollution will increase, due to the increased use of wood burners as a result of energy prices inflating.

The NAO wants the Defra, the environmental department, to make air quality information more accessible and for the government to reach the air quality goals set for 2030.

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