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No Decision on the Clean Air Zone Until a New PM is Chosen

Greater Manchester's revised Clean Air Zone plans have been approved, but nothing will proceed until the next prime minister takes up residence in Number 10.

The programme was slated to launch in May with daily fines of up to £60 for the least eco-friendly automobiles.

However, a public response led to the plans being delayed until 2026.

The most recent iteration of the programme would not include fees and would instead include alternative incentives.

The original plans called for fees ranging from £7.50 to £60 per day for high-emission vehicles but not for private cars.

According to transportation officials, by 2025, fewer locations in Greater Manchester will have illegally high levels of pollution thanks to improvements to car fleets.

They have also stated that implementing electric buses in the most polluted regions will leave Regent Road as the only area still exceeding the law.

TfGM is now creating a "additional package of measures" to enhance Regent Road's air quality and bring Greater Manchester into compliance by 2025.

No Decision on the Clean Air Zone Until a New PM is Chosen in Manchester

The concept was authorised by the committee, but several of the participants had reservations about how the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras would be used.

The cameras that were put in place to enforce the Clean Air Zone fees could now be used to find vehicles that could utilise funds for improvements.

Additionally, discussions about the Greater Manchester Police's use of ANPR cameras for law enforcement and criminal detection have taken place.

Despite the fact that TfGM executives indicated that there will be a public consultation, Bolton councillor Nadim Muslim expressed his doubts about the idea, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

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