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Pollution Cut in Hotspots Due to the Pandemic

Council members assert that the Covid epidemic and rising fuel prices could have already reduced pollution levels at a hotspot.

The government has mandated that nitrogen dioxide levels be lowered on Newcastle-under-A53 Lyme's Etruria Road.

Final proposals for a bus gate, which would bar all vehicles besides buses from entering, have already been drafted, and are anticipated this year.

However, a number of council members contend that pollution levels on the roads are currently lower than they were when the plan was first proposed.

Pollution Cut in Hotspots Due to the Pandemic

The idea needed to be re - evaluated, according to Mark Holland, deputy leader of the Conservative group on Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council. He asserted that using a bus gate as a solution would only shift the issue elsewhere.

In October, the borough council's cabinet requested additional monitoring to determine whether pollution levels had decreased.

According to the analysis, it was within acceptable ranges and had been for the preceding 12 months.

The route's traffic may have decreased as a result of recent fuel price increases, council members claimed at a meeting on Wednesday.

The pandemic, according to leader Simon Tagg, had an effect.

The council is currently developing a final business case, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

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