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Established in 2022, Air Quality Solutions quickly grew to a team of four due to its commitment to quality and competitive prices. See some of our recent projects here.

Early on, the company began to look for innovative ways to incorporate technology into the business. Quickly noticing that many of the tasks related to air quality assessments could be automated, the company decided to embark on creating AQ Tool. Being the first of its kind in the industry, AQ Tool aims to assist air quality consultants by automating manual tasks that previously took the majority of the time, allowing consultants to spend more time on more critical aspects of the assessment.  

Not only has AQ Tool massively decreased time and cost but has done so while increasing the quality of assessments.

While the company aims to continually improve AQ Tool, it does not want to be defined by it. The team are working hard to expand our services and continue to provide value to our clients through technological innovation.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


Software Developer

William Archer
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Robbie Chambers
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Brendan McCormack

Air Quality Specialist

Muddassir Mukadam
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